Custom Picture Framing Vs Readymade Frames

Why custom picture framing is more expensive than readymade frames.

Custom picture frames are uniquely designed and made to suit and enhance your artwork, memorabilia, photos and keepsakes.

The limits of Custom picture framing are bound only by imagination, there are very few restrictions with measurements when designing custom picture frames, Original artwork often have unique depths and dimensions that won’t fit into readymade frames nor would you get the best results from trying to fit your original artwork or precious keepsake into a readymade frame.

With readymade frames you don’t get the variety and styles of frames and mats and rarely do you get fillets or slips in these frames.

When choosing a custom frame, the framer will help you select a specific moulding and guide you through mat selection process to best suit the piece you want to frame, you may even want to add another mat Slip or fillet to further enhance the photo or artwork.

Matting can make a big difference to the finished piece, by adding extra mats or fancy cuts, even cutting names or words into the mat to give it a one of a kind distinctive look.

Memorabilia is something a lot of people collect and frame so that it will be preserved, you just can’t buy readymade frame for such items, you may also desire UV rated glass to protect  your precious item from fading, something you won’t get in an of the shelf frame

Take all this into account, the moulding, matting, fillet, maybe a slip and glass plus the framers knowledge care and skills, the end result, a beautiful and cherished piece of art that you will be proud to display, hence the cost of custom picture framing.

Readymade frames are a budget frame and have their place, they come in a few select shapes, sizes, and styles.

Off the rack frames are designed with photo sizes in mind e.g.; 6×4, 7×5, 10×8 and so on.

Readymade frames are a one stop shop, they come, as the name says ready to go with glass, mat, and hardware, ready to hang or stand, they are great for gifts or something to put a snap shot in, some places will even have ready to go certificate frames, again you don’t have a lot of choice.

Readymade frames don’t have the diversity of a custom designed frame, they are restricted by their dimensions and come in basic colours.

When would you use a custom picture framer rather than buying an off the rack frame?

Custom picture framers are the answer to framing those precious family air looms, keepsakes, original art work, memorabilia, fine art or anything that just won’t fit in a standard frame.

Custom framers will also stretch canvas’s and fabrics, they can build cabinet type frames so you can open them to put items in or out, such as war medals might be worn once a year then put back in the frame for display.

Custom framers can design any style of multiple opening mats with a wide range of shapes for that one of a kind design just for you.