The Tradition & History of Trophies through to the Modern Day Trophy

Trophies and awards are a tangible reminder of a specific victory or achievement and serves as recognition or evidence of merit. Trophies and awards are traditionally given as a form of Reward for excellence, skill and achievement, primarily in the sporting and academic arena’s, although trophies and awards are also used as rewards in the work sector to encourage such programs as, production quotas, work place health and safety, even time lines that are met, and not to forget Long service and retirement. Quite often trophies are simply used as a loving way of encouraging some one that needs a little lift in life.

History of trophies

The word Trophy came into the English language around the 15,00’s and was derived from the French word Trophee, meaning, “a prize of war”, from the Latin word, Trophaeum, meaning, “monument to victory”.

In ancient Greece the Conquering army would take the collected cache of weapons from the defeated army and arrange them as a memorial of victory, with an inscription of the details of battle and what transpired. This was their trophy as the victorious army. The first Olympians in Ancient Greece did not receive trophies at all, their awards were laurel wreaths instead, and in later years the victors were awarded a ceramic amphora with sacred olive oil, as well the laurel wreath as their trophies. These ceramic amphora trophies would have a mural depicting the sport, event or skill being contested painted around the middle, the ancient Greek Olympic chalice and vase has evolved to become the trophies we have today with cups and jugs atop a plinth or pedestal adorned with laurel wreaths and figurines portraying the sport, event or skill being challenged

The Modern Trophy

Modern trophies come in a large variety of materials including, acrylic, crystal, glass, various metals, moulded plastic, wood, and resin. Any or all of these materials can be incorporated when designing trophies and awards to suit all styles of sporting, academic, corporate, and perpetual awards and trophies.

Trophies and awards should reflect the spirit and feeling of the club, school or business, by incorporating school and club colours, or business logo that defines the individuality of the organisation being represented.

Plaques for Trophies

When designing a plaque to be engraved to suit your trophy or award, on the first line, have the name of the organisation presenting the award, the next line would be the achievement, followed by the date, and finally the recipient of the trophy, keeping the text to a minimum will ensure the whole message will fit onto the plaque.